Athletic Performance

It's no secret that professional athletes utilize HYPNOSIS and visualization techniques to boost their performance. In order to maximize the effectiveness of visualization it is important to incorporate as many details from all of the senses into the imagined experience. You must see all of the sights, hear all of the sounds and feel all of the feelings associated with the future athletic event. By repeatedly visualizing themselves successfully performing athletic events, athletes on all levels are able to condition their subconscious minds to EXPECT SUCCESS! When the time comes to really perform, your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is working FOR you!

Have you ever had a nightmare and awakened to find that your body is actually reacting as though there is a real threat? You may have found that your heart was racing, your breathing was rapid and you were in a cold sweat! All of these reactions took place because to your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND the nightmare was real! In the same way, the subconscious mind cannot separate an imagined "perfect shot" from a real perfect shot. You can actually use the power of your subconscious mind to give yourself the experience of HAVING ALREADY BEEN SUCCESSFUL in a future athletic situation.

HYPNOSIS is also used in other ways to enhance sports performance. Many times athletes find it difficult to bounce back after a bad personal performance. They fear a repeat of this poor performance and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. By using HYPNOSIS to "regress" to the time of the past performance, thoughts, images and associations can be altered. In this way we can actually change the emotional charge attached to the memory of the event and improve our outlook on upcoming performances. HYPNOSIS will give you the advantage that you need to maximize your athletic potential.