Exercise Adherence

The biggest challenge with any exercise program is to stick to it for an extended period of time. Very often, people begin an exercise program with loads of motivation and enthusiasm. Over time, these feelings naturally begin to fade out and the need for discipline, commitment and dedication come into play. This is where the trouble begins and where hypnosis can make the difference between success and failure.

Exercise needs to be approached as a lifetime activity. Exercise is as important to overall health as eating and sleeping. Just because we can manage to live for a while without exercising doesn't mean that it's healthy. In fact, the effects of not exercising creep up on us and contribute to the most deadly and debilitating health conditions imaginable. Additionally, our moods are greatly affected by our physical condition. A regular routine of mild exercise can help to keep spirits high and blood pressure low.

In order to give you every advantage in the challenge of adhering to exercise, there are several things to consider in addition to hypnotic motivation:

  • First, you must clarify your goals.
    Are you interested in improving your appearance, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving strength, keeping your heart healthy, improving circulation, etc.

  • Next you need to take into account your current health and fitness levels.
    Are you on special medications? Do you have any injuries? Do you have a heart condition? Are you obese? Are you being treated for any conditions that might require certain restrictions on your exercise routine?

  • Another thing to think about is your schedule
    How many days per week can you REALISTICALLY commit to exercise? How much time is available to you on those days? Will you be able to stick to a regular work out schedule or does your job require that you be more flexible?

  • Finally, what type of environment and equipment will you have access to?
    Will you be exercising in a gym? If so, what type of equipment is available? Will you be depending on good weather for outdoor workouts? Do you own exercise equipment?

One more thing to take into account is whether or not you will be exercising alone or with a partner. Working out with a partner can make your experience more pleasurable and ads an element of motivation. Partners can encourage each other and provide support when needed. Having a partner to work out with is also SAFER than working out alone. A partner can "spot" you when you are using weights, and will be there to help you in the event of an injury or dizziness.