Habit Control

We are ALL creatures of habit. We take a wake up, brush our teeth, shower, shave, get dressed, eat breakfast, travel to work, and do a thousand other things in the SAME EXACT WAY every day! We have HABITUAL ways of relating to people and HABITUAL behaviors that we engage in all day long. We are truly creatures of HABIT.

Unfortunately, some HABITS are counterproductive and harmful to us. Smoking, excessive drinking, inappropriate drug use, over-eating, negative self-talk and being overly critical of ourselves and others are just a few of the thousands of harmful habits that we all fall prey to. HYPNOSIS is an extremely powerful tool that will empower you by freeing you from the grips of unwanted, unhealthy, counterproductive habits of all kinds.

What makes habits so hard to break is that they are ingrained in and originate from the UNCONSCIOUS or SUBCONSCIOUS mind. When you reach for a cigarette, that next drink, or any other habitual behavior, you are acting based on a on a subconscious signal. When you think to yourself "I'm such and idiot" or "I'll never be good at this" you are experiencing thought patterns generated from the subconscious. It is extremely difficult to change these habits without altering the SUBCONSCIOUS ROOTS of these behaviors.

Through HYPNOSIS we are able to uncover the UNCONSCIOUS ROOTS of habits and break their hold on our behaviors. We are also able to CREATE new thought and behavior patterns on the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL which make behavioral changes and changes in thinking much easier on the conscious level. You will be able to make the changes that you desire once you gain the COOPERATION of your UNCONSCIOUS mind.