Working with a personal coach or a life coach has recently become a growing trend. Many people are finding that having a coach in their corner enables them to handle life's many challenges with increased motivation, confidence and success. Personal coaching is for anyone interested in making the most out of each day and moving in a positive direction with relationships, career goals, personal goals and more.

Personal coaching differs from psychotherapy in many ways. For starters, most people associate going into therapy with trying to "fix a problem". Coaching is about improving your daily life and maximizing your natural potentials. Secondly, therapy is designed and implemented using the medical model. In other words, people seeking therapy are viewed as "patients" in need of "a cure". This just adds an unnecessary stigma to the initial challenge of getting assistance. Coaching is quite different. People seeking out a personal coach are viewed as highly motivated clients interested in getting the most out of life.

HypnoCoaching™ combines the positive, exciting goal oriented approach of personal life-coaching with the penetrating power of hypnosis. By structuring hypnotic suggestions that are personally tailored to your goals and aspirations.

HypnoCoaching™ can open the doors to a more fulfilling, satisfying life.

HypnoCoaching™ is usually carried out over a period of months and sometimes even years, depending on each client's individual interests. Because HypnoCoaching™ involves a relatively long term relationship, the fee is significantly lower per session than traditional hypnotherapy. While short-term hypnotherapy is offered at $200 per session, a typical HypnoCoaching™ client might pay $150 per session, making a long term relationship more practical. To start HypnoCoaching™, a four week commitment is required. During these four sessions, all of your goals and aspirations will be discussed in great detail and powerful hypnotic suggestions will be put to work immediately!!!

HypnoCoaching™ can help you experience each and every day the way you would like to. Whether your goals are weight loss, exercising, improving relationships, excelling in your career or anything else, HypnoCoaching™ may be just what you've been looking for.