Whether you find it difficult to fall asleep in the first place, can't seem to remain sleeping for any significant length of time, or are only able to sleep for a few hours, HYPNOSIS CAN HELP!!! HYPNOTHERAPY can GREATLY IMPROVE your ability to FALL ASLEEP, STAY ASLEEP and SLEEP DEEPLY AND RESTFULLY throughout the night.

You may find that the moment you attempt to close your eyes and go to sleep your mind becomes filled with problems, conflicts and worries. Unwanted, INTRUSIVE thoughts about upcoming responsibilities, problems at work and other issues can plague your mind and sabotage your sleep. What makes things even more difficult is that you then begin to WORRY about the fact that YOU CAN'T SLEEP! How will I make it through TOMORROW if I can't get any SLEEP TONIGHT?

There is hope. HYPNOSIS will give you with the ability to fall asleep quickly and easily. You will remain sleeping throughout the night and wake up REFRESHED and RECHARGED. Problems, conflicts and worries will all be taken care of at APPROPRIATE TIMES and in APPROPRIATE WAYS by:

  • Conditioning your UNCONSCIOUS MIND to sleep restfully.
  • Replacing negative self talk with positive self talk and optimistic messages.
  • Utilizing imagery, visualization and mental rehearsal.
  • Learning to organize your concerns on paper, in journals etc.
  • Refocusing on past experiences that were relaxing, peaceful and pleasurable.
  • Reinforcing hypnotic work at home with personalized audio tapes.
  • Much more...

There are many other small changes that we can explore together that will assist you in achieving the degree of restful sleep that you need and deserve. Cutting down on caffeine, changing nighttime routines and activity levels and modifying eating habits are just a few examples.