Mind-Body Healing

Hypnotherapy can be an excellent ADJUNCT to PROPER MEDICAL TREATMENT for many health related problems. It is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you receive a FULL MEDICAL EXAMINATION AND TREATMENT before attempting to diagnose or treat your own pain, illness or disease. Have you ever noticed the feeling you get in your body when you hear horrible, shocking news? The changes that you feel are powerful and real. What about the changes that you feel in your body when you find out something extremely exciting and positive? Have you ever had a bad dream that actually made you breathe faster, increased your heart rate and maybe even made you break into a cold sweat? If you can relate to ANY of these examples, then you understand the MIND-BODY CONNECTION. Our body's chemistry is COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED based on the THOUGHTS that we entertain. MIND-BODY healing takes advantage of this very real connection that has ALWAYS existed. HYPNOSIS provides the OPTIMAL mental and physical state in which to encourage and improve mind-body healing. Through HYPNOSIS we are able to strip away the many unnecessary distractions of everyday consciousness and ZERO IN on the issues that need attention. By quieting and concentrating the mind, access to the powerful HEALING POTENTIALS deep within the UNCONSCIOUS MIND is gained and the healing process is accelerated.