Becoming A Non-Smoker

Becoming a NON SMOKER is one of the most important decisions that you can make in your entire lifetime. However, making the DECISION to become a NON SMOKER is only the first step. The next step is to ACT. In order to make any significant changes in your life, you must ACT. As we all know, making any significant change can be challenging to say the least. HYPNOSIS will provide the added support you need to TAKE ACTION!

The worst mistake a person can make is to wait for some SIGN or SIGNAL that TODAY IS THE DAY TO QUIT SMOKING, pay the bills, lose weight, etc. There are no special moments or magical signs to make changes in your life. YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your behaviors. YOU MUST BEHAVE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BEHAVE and in time the rest will take care of itself. If you would like to be COMFORTABLE as a NON-SMOKER one month from now, you need to STOP SMOKING TODAY. Any uncomfortable side effects associated with BECOMING A NON SMOKER pass relatively quickly and pose no real threat to you in any way. YOU CAN HANDLE being a non-smoker. Many people become phobic about quitting because they have avoided the imagined discomfort that they associate with not having a cigarette for so long. People convince themselves that the experience of NOT SMOKING will be too difficult to handle. NOT TRUE. Most of us have had our share of difficult circumstances and tough situations in our lives. We have handled those difficulties, and BECOMING A NON SMOKER is manageable as well.





If you were dropped on an island with no cigarettes for a month you would be JUST FINE. You might crave nicotine for a few days, but as your body cleansed itself you would find that the cravings eventually fade away. However, the physical/chemical craving for nicotine is just one part of the puzzle.

The associations that people have deep within their subconscious minds are powerful and real. Smoking becomes deeply associated with everything from drinking coffee, talking on the phone and driving to work, to memories of old times and special people in our lives. It is as if these normal behaviors and thoughts could not EXIST WITHOUT SMOKING. People also associate smoking a cigarette with "waking up", "calming down", "relaxing" and "taking a break". These are all activities that millions and millions of people all over the world learn to do WITHOUT SMOKING.

These subconscious associations need to be broken. New associations need to be created in your subconscious mind that SUPPORT YOUR EFFORT TO BE A NON SMOKER. People are constantly in situations that they associate with smoking. These situations are PART OF LIFE. You cannot live in a bubble. You must continue to function in the world if you hope to accomplish anything at all. FUNCTIONING IN THE WORLD AS A NON-SMOKER IS COMPLETELY POSSIBLE.

Hypnotherapy will provide the support that your subconscious mind needs to make the transition to BECOMING A NON SMOKER. Old associations will be broken, new associations will be created. Every client is a unique human being. The methods that will be used to assist you in your effort to become a non-smoker will depend on all of the unique qualities of your personality, character and style.