Pain Control

Pain is an IMPORTANT SIGNAL that warns you that something is wrong. Taking away pain or reducing awareness of pain DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE UNDERLYING CAUSE HAS BEEN CURED. Long Island Hypnotherapy REQUIRES that before any treatment for pain begins, a FULL MEDICAL EXAMINATION is performed by your Doctor. This helps protect you from a medical condition becoming worse due to lack of MEDICAL ATTENTION.

HYPNOSIS can provide a powerful vehicle for the reduction, alteration and removal of chronic pain. As opposed to addictive pain medications, the power of HYPNOSIS can bring great relief to those who suffer with chronic pain WITHOUT THE NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS of medication. However, in order for HYPNOTHERAPY to be effective, you must BELIEVE THAT RELIEF IS POSSIBLE. If you convince yourself that there is no chance for relief, than no amount of hypnotic work will change your experience. Having a mindset that is OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY of change is the key to success.

Pain often serves an unconscious purpose. It may help a person AVOID certain activities or situations, or it may ASSIST someone in getting the ATTENTION and CARE that they unconsciously desire. The list of possibilities is endless. HYPNOSIS allows us to delve into the UNCONSCIOUS MIND and discover and change the root causes of chronic pain.

Stress also plays a large role in the development of chronic pain. In today's fast paced world people are living on tight schedules and constantly worrying about meeting deadlines. Family and relationship issues can also be tremendous sources of stress. If stress levels become to high, bodily felt symptoms often develop. HYPNOSIS can help you HANDLE and REDUCE your stress level, relieving you of the pain and suffering that has been brought on by the stress.

HYPNOSIS is also used to change the way we PERCEIVE pain and EXPERIENCE pain. A "sharp, shooting pain" can be HYPNOTICALLY TRANSFORMED into a "soft, tickling sensation". Or, a "pounding headache" can be restructured to be experienced as a "gentle rhythmic sensation". HYPNOSIS can also change the INTENSITY of pain using many techniques and strategies. Hypnotherapy can provide you with the relief that you have been hoping for.

Again, it is of the utmost importance that before using hypnosis or any other alternative modality you FIRST SEEK OUT MEDICAL ATTENTION FOR YOUR PAIN. This will help to rule out injury, sickness or disease as the cause of your pain.