Quality of life is largely based on the QUALITY OF THE RELATIONSHIPS that we are involved in. It is often said that when a person reaches the end of his or her life and is about to die, they often reflect on their lives. They rarely talk about the cars that they drove, or the fancy house that they lived in. They almost always talk about the PEOPLE in their lives and the RELATIONSHIPS that they had with those people. HYPNOTHERAPY can help you MAKE THE MOST out of your relationships and IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE.

Relationships require patience, sacrifice and acceptance. EVERYONE is different. No two people are alike. People have different tastes, different abilities, different opinions and different views of the world. In order to be in any relationship you need to ACCEPT people, be PATIENT with them and make many SACRIFICES. If you are not willing to be patient, accepting and make sacrifices than you are going to have a difficult time developing any relationships at all.

There is another side to this equation. Many times the problems that people experience within the context of a relationship have to do with THEIR OWN INABILITY to EXPRESS THEIR OWN FEELINGS. This inability to express feelings is often the result of lessons learned early in life as young children. Not every child is fortunate enough to be received with patience and love. If a child is ignored, rejected or abused as a result of expressing needs to his or her parents, the child learns to bury feelings. The child develops a belief system that says "My feelings are bad, I shouldn't have them and they make me unlovable". The personality of the child is then shaped around masking feelings and burying them so deeply that they are not even within conscious awareness any more. This is all in an effort to avoid the rejection and abuse that the expression of feelings once brought on. We are left with a person who is out of touch with his or her own feelings and therefore unable to express them.

Buried or "repressed" feelings do not "go away". They gnaw away at the person until they find expression in indirect ways. Behaviors and symptoms arise that the person cannot understand. It is as if there were some force inside that was trying to push it's way through to consciousness. As a result, anger, pain and fear must find other ways of expressing themselves. Shut out of consciousness, they act from the UNCONSCIOUS.

Through HYPNOSIS we can get to the root of these feelings and learn to give them expression in ways that are not harmful to oneself or others. We can learn to EXPRESS feelings that we NOW REALIZE are within us. The difficulty lies in ACCEPTING these feelings as a part of us, despite the fact that for our entire lives we have lived AS THOUGH these feelings did not exist. It requires tremendous PATIENCE to allow our selves to gradually become AWARE of and ACCEPT our own feelings into our own self-concept. We've always viewed ourselves one way, and now we must begin the process of accepting ourselves with these newfound feelings. This requires patience and acceptance from not only ourselves, but from those close to us.

The quality and success of your relationships can be GREATLY IMPROVED with the help of HYPNOTHERAPY.