Self Image and Self Esteem

How we feel about who we are affects everything that we do and say. The sense or worth and value that we attach to ourselves determine the way in which we conduct ourselves and treat ourselves and others. If we see ourselves as being "worth" something and "valuable" in certain ways, it will be reflected positively in our outlook and behavior. Conversely, if we believe that we are "worthless" and have "no value", those counterproductive beliefs will be apparent in all of our behaviors and interactions with others. SELF IMAGE AND SELF ESTEEM DIRECTLY DETERMINE OUR QUALITY OF LIFE.

From the time that we are born we receive messages about ourselves. The vast majority of the earliest and most influential messages come from our parents. The messages that we receive TELL US WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE WORTH. If we are constantly being told to "shut up", "leave me alone" and "get the hell out of here" as young children, we learn believe that we are not supposed to have anything to say, we are annoying and unpleasant to be around and that we should not bother other people with our presence. These messages form the foundation and give shape to our self-image and self esteem. With messages like these coming in loud and clear, how are we supposed to develop the courage to get to know others and form relationships later on in life? After all, if they get to know us, they will find out just how annoying and unpleasant we really are. Besides, who am I to intrude upon another person?

Conversely, if we are exposed to messages such as "I'm so proud of you" and "I love you" as a young child, we learn to believe that "I am capable of doing things" and "I am worthy of love". These beliefs will enable a person to take challenges and risks in love and work. People fortunate enough to have received these messages as young children grow up to expect others to value them and appreciate them. Positive messages encourage growth and a positive self-image. Negative messages condition us to feel down about who we are and doubt our own worth as human beings.

HYPNOTHERAPY gives us a bridge into the UNCONSCIOUS MIND where all of these messages and beliefs about our self worth are stored. It is in the UNCONSCIOUS MIND where real change needs to take place in order to rid ourselves of damaging, negative self-evaluations and replace them with positive, helpful views of ourselves. Unconscious changes lead to changes in our conscious thoughts and behaviors that can have a tremendous impact on the quality of our lives. Work, relationships and play all take on a more pleasant feeling as we improve our self-image and self esteem through HYPNOTHERAPY.