Weight Loss & Maintenance

Unconscious factors play a large role in determining the effectiveness of any weight loss and exercise program. HYPNOSIS provides a window into the unconscious portion of the mind enabling deep changes to take place. HYPNOSIS provides the added support needed to take on the challenge of reaching your ideal weight.

People unconsciously benefit from their extra weight in ways that they may not be aware of. For example, let us imagine that you have had a bad sexual experience that was very disturbing to you in your past. As a result, you unconsciously develop a powerful fear of and an aversion to intimate relationships. Unconsciously keeping yourself "heavy" or "unattractive" can help keep you safely distanced from romantic advances and the possible hurt that they can cause. This is what is called a "secondary gain" attached to the "symptom" of being overweight.

Subconscious forces also drive eating habits. Eating may provide a way to "fill up empty space" inside, "bury" feelings of anxiety, sooth excessive tension, or provide pleasure in place of longed for intimacy, romance or love. Keeping extra pounds on can also provide us with a distraction from deeper, more troublesome conflicts. Grappling with weight issues allows us to avoid thinking about deeper issues and provides our conscious minds with a relatively manageable problem. The only problem is that if we do lose the weight, we lose the dynamic camouflage that once kept other issues hidden. We sabotage our own efforts to lose weight because we NEED to continuously work on that problem to keep other anxieties at bay.

Reaching your desired weight and maintaining it can be a lifelong, losing battle. People struggle endlessly in an attempt to find the "magic method" that will enable them to look the way they want to look and feel the way they want to feel. There are countless diets and exercise routines being advertised as the "newest, most effective way" of reducing weight and keeping fit. People will grasp at anything that gives them a glimpse of hope at reaching their goals. This quest for weight loss and fitness is usually based on either vanity or health.

The most successful weight loss and exercise programs are the ones that are specifically designed to fit the personality and lifestyle of the individual and take secondary gains into account. Every person is unique. Secondary gains, likes and dislikes, goals, age, time available, family situation, job situation, physical limitations, medical history, self image and many other factors must be taken into consideration when creating a weight loss and exercise program.